Friday, January 20, 2012

New addition:Changes to the comments

New size of comments on this blog
Hello everyone, due to launching of Google's new threaded comments system on blogger this month, all blogs where updated automatically to reflex the change. This new update changed the font type and size of the comments to the default on every blog and this made the appearance/user experience of some blogs terrible. In our case the comments where too small so it was difficult for anyone to read them on a PC even though the mobile version of the site was still its normal way and was still viewable.
We have rectified that and now the size of the comments is back to normal, you can test it by leaving a comment below this post. 
Remember that you can add color and pictures to your comments to make them more fun and interesting, click here for the post showing more details. We would love if you send us feed backs about this blog on how to make it better, your feed-backs will be most welcomed and appreciated...

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