Monday, December 5, 2011

New addition:customised comments

Customized commenting style was added to this blog to make the chat experience in the chat room pages more easier and graphical. Now you can add images, colored text and other kind of customization to the comments you post on this blog.
Your Ideas and questions are very important to you and to us, we believe that with rich graphics and text formatting we will be able to give you an avenue to better share your thoughts, ask/explain your questions and better understand the answers/solutions to your questions posted on this blog. After-all, this blog is all about helping you learn at the fastest frequency/pace....
Below are the syntax used to make the graphically comments, if you are finding it difficult to use any of them, then leave a comment below this post and i will explain it in details to you....

Giga Frequency......

This are the code/tags/syntax, they are like HTML tags except that they use square brackets [ ].

  • To input Images in your comment, use this tag     [im] ...image link/url... [/im]

  • To get a text scrolling effect(from left to right), use this tag    [ma]  ....text...  [/ma]

  • To get a text scrolling effect from the right to the left, use this tag    [ma+]  ...text...  [/ma+]

  • To decide the font size of the text, use this tag{you can change the numbers, larger number give larger font sizes}         [si=" 2 "]  ... text ...  [/si]

  • To choose the text color, you can change to any color you want        [co=" red "]  ... text ...  [/co]

  • To centralize the text in the comment box       [ce]   ... text ...   [/ce]

  • To place your comment in a box with boarders, use this tag       [box]    ... text ...   [/box]

  • To mark the comment       [mark]   ... text ...    [/mark]

  • To place a background color behind a text in a comment (you can change to any color you want    ), use                                                                             [card=" blue "]  ... text ...  [/card]

  • To get image to fit the column of a comment box (i.e width=100%), use                                                         [im#] ...  image link/url  ... [/im]

  • To Highlight the words in a comment, use      [hi=" yellow "]  ...  text  ...   [/hi]
The height of an image cannot be determined so please post an image with a reasonable height

The image and text effects does not show in the preview tab, it is until you publish the post before it shows


  1. [co="green"]It is about time this was added...[/co]

    [ce][im] [/im][/ce]

  2. [im][/im]