Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do you think school is boring or killing creativity?

Most people go to school but don't know why, some say it is because they want to get a better Job, get riches while others don't even know why. Some that are in school don't have a good reason why they are studying their current discipline, they just choose the discipline because of their friends, parents etc...
Well, not withstanding, my personal views on the present educational system is that it has failed to equip anybody with the desperately needed   "  real  "   learning. They don't teach you to be creative or innovative they just teach you some boring old crap that someone else invented or created a long time ago (or  even recently); they don't teach you teamwork, most make you work in isolation(like as if anything good comes out of that !). Nobody really teaches you to go into uncharted waters, go into unexplored terrains and just be creative.
I have tried several time to encourage my class mates to be more creative and innovative and not just depend on only the old crap that is been thought in school. They tend to see no point in being innovative, after all when they get all the As they graduate and start looking for a job, some even think i am wasting my precious time trying to learn other stuff and trying to be more creative. They also see me as someone wasting time learning other stuffs that are not in the syllabus for the semester(even if it will be needed in my discipline after i have graduated) instead of focusing on reading to get an "  A "  in all my courses(how sad; Is school all about getting As ?)...
To buttress my point, i will post this cool video i saw on about schools...simply put "   Schools kill creativity "  . Tell me what your views are by leaving your comment below this post.

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