Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apple's ipad + Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft, is working on an app for Apple's tablet as reported by the an ipad based news outlet. The app which is an adaptation of Microsoft Office could arrive before the next version of Office for Mac comes out, which is expected to hit the market late next year.

Microsoft said in a statement
"We already deliver Office on multiple platforms and devices and are committed to expanding in the future, but have nothing further to share today."
Microsoft already presently offers a handful of apps for both the iPad and the iPhone, including Bing and Windows Live Messenger, among others. Creating the Office application for the iPad could help the device's prospects in work environments, a market where it's already making inroads at the expense of Windows PCs.

It is no news that Microsoft is busily working on Windows 8, the next version of its flagship operating system which promises many features, for tablet computers. To download a developer's version of the window 8 click here.

March last year, Apple introduced its own office software,  the iWork, as a collection of individual apps for the iPad. The suite consists of Pages, Keynote and Numbers, the same lineup as offered for the Mac OS X users. All three of those apps can open and export Microsoft Office files that match up with Microsoft's Word, PowerPoint and Excel software, with Apple providing ways to natively view those files in its own built-in e-mail application.
The cost for the Office ipad app is likely to be around $10 as reported by the Daily. The amount is the same amount Apple charges for each of its individual iWork for iPad apps.

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